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deep mourning—a widower. According to his account, Mrs. Kenyon had been attacked by a malignant f


ever, and died in four days. He also produced a will, made by his wife, conveying to him absolutely


her property, all and entire. The only reference to her son Oliver was couched in th


ese terms: "I commend my dear son Oliver to my husband's charge, fully satisfied

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that he will provide for him in all ways as I would myself, urging him to do all in his power to promote my dear Oliver's welfare, and prepare him for a creditable and useful position in the world."

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But for this clause doubts would have been expressed as to the genuineness of the will. As it was, it was generally supposed to be authentic, but Mrs. Kenyon was severely criticised for reposing so much

Ro Kanth


confidence in her husband, and leaving Oliver wholly dependent upon him. It was a great blow to Oliver,—his mother's death,—and the world seemed very lonely to him. Besides, he could not fail to n

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otice a great difference in the manner of Mr. Kenyon and Roland toward him

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